Tire pressure shortage of electric vehicles eight professional conservation methods(人气:) 
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Tire pressure shortage of electric vehicles eight professional conservation methods

1.Tire pressure

The adequacy of the gas in the tire also has a big impact on the formation of the electric car. If the lack of tire gas, will increase the resistance of the electric car forward, in vain consumption of limited energy.

2.Avoid zero start

The so-called "zero start" is static when the direct electric start. This start-up method is extremely damaging to the battery and the motor. It is best to help people stepped on before starting, plus power to accelerate.


Electric cars in poor traffic or uphill on the road, power consumption will increase. Start, uphill, load-bearing, with manpower to help riding a treadmill, you can protect the battery, extend the service life.


Although electric bikes have good water resistance, but after the water pool, water and other places, should pay attention to the wading height can not be higher than the hub to prevent water damage to the motor. Usually do not flush with high pressure water column, so as to avoid damaging the electronic components and wiring moisture. Inadvertent invasion of water accident, please immediately turn off the power, as soon as possible sent to the store maintenance.


Frequent braking must be accompanied by frequent start-up, the battery frequent high-current discharge, power outage on its life has a great negative impact. Pay attention to safety while riding, with appropriate speed, try to avoid frequent brakes.

6. Climate impact

Ambient temperature has a great effect on battery use. The winter temperature is low, the battery will happen "charge is not full of electricity," the normal phenomenon, mileage will naturally be shortened. After the winter, the temperature rises, battery mileage will automatically rise. Winter, the appropriate extension of charging time, and take antifreeze insulation measures, this will help ensure sufficient power to extend battery life. On the contrary, in summer, the battery is prone to over charge problem, should ensure good heat dissipation, prevent charging immediately after the sun exposure. Do these, can effectively slow down the battery speed, extend life expectancy.

7. Charging habits

The correct charging habits can greatly increase the battery life. Frequent over-discharge will greatly damage the battery, shorten the life. When the battery discharge 50% -70% charge when charging more reasonable. And charging the charger after the green light and then charge for about 2 hours for the best. It is also important to choose the charger that matches the original battery with the battery. Good quality smart charger can automatically distinguish between different ambient temperature, and can intelligently adjust the charging parameters, so the technical requirements are high. Consumers must use good quality smart charger.

8. Daily maintenance

Good routine maintenance, will help the service life of electric vehicles. For example: often carry out some of the surface of the dust cleaning work; regularly to the front and rear axis, shaft, chain, flywheel and brake line to add lubricants.