Electric scooter battery life is not only reduced battery mileage problem(人气:) 
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Electric scooter battery life is not only reduced battery mileage problem

Electric Scooter As an elderly friend's daily travel scooter tools more and more appear in the streets, brought great convenience to the elderly life, but with the passage of time, mileage also together to reduce the initial good Performance and good experience so gradually fade away. A lot of maintenance outlets will push all the responsibility to the battery body, then electric scooter mileage less the most important reason what? We can generally consider the following aspects:

1. Motor problem This will be the first thought, power consumption current, such as motor demagnetization, to understand the electric scooter motor production date and motor type, if the motor and the controller match is not high, the two can not effectively cooperate, The energy conversion rate is reduced. Motor demagnetization, poor quality motor, refurbished motor can also cause it not to cooperate effectively. If the electric scooter is often overloaded, high speed, the motor will degauss or aging with the growth of the use of time, thus affecting the motor energy conversion rate, affecting the motor torque and mileage. Proposed owners do not replace the motor, controller, do not buy low-end cheap parts, be sure to replace the original parts in a professional repair shop.

2, the controller problem controller is one of the core components, is to control the motor rotation components. Electric Scooter Microelectronics part of the damage may be small, mainly power tubes, capacitors and other high-power components more damaged. Controller damage, there will be short-circuit, electric scooter insurance burned, or open the air trip. Reason for damage: overload, over-voltage, current is too large, poor heat dissipation. May also be wiring errors, electronic components, such as high temperature aging controller damage.

3, the tire pressure tire pressure every day, before travel, testing electric scooters before and after the tire pressure, tire pressure is the pressure inside the tire. General formal tire manufacturers are marked with the most suitable range of tire pressure. For the quality of qualified electric scooters, tire pressure maintained at 2.5 atm most reasonable. Electric scooters in the case of tire pressure is bound to give the motor greater friction resistance. In the same travel distance, low air pressure, tire stress area, it will consume more power, not moving, also not far away.

4, brake not easy to use, the consequences are serious. In the electric scooter brake back to the wrong place or the brakes when the internal failure will affect the overall mileage. Brake failure, will inevitably increase the workload of the motor, causing the electric scooter battery continuous high current discharge, mileage shortening is inevitable.

5, the bearing problem can not be ignored, due to prolonged use of water, or wear and tear, resulting in increased resistance, increased power consumption, will result in electric scooter weakness. In such cases, the bearings should be replaced, or add oil and so on.

6, the last battery may also be a problem. Battery life caused by the problem of mileage, the single battery behind the vast majority. A single battery will affect the entire group of battery voltage behind the battery pack has a failure or lag, it will affect the entire battery. Battery maintenance is not appropriate, the service life is too long will lead to battery degradation, thus affecting performance. For example, excessive load when the vehicle components forcibly run, the discharge current, no current-limiting protection, the battery forcibly discharged, leading to internal battery damage and damage the battery. Battery routine maintenance is very important, the battery quality is equally important, when choosing the battery, try to choose high quality, good brand reputation of the battery, good brand battery quality is excellent, service is better, sales, customer service, technical support, maintenance, etc. In terms of building very perfect, can provide consumers with better after-sales service.